Top 5 Movies To Watch With Your Dog

July 19, 2012

Spending time with your furry, four-legged best friend is always fun (well, except the time you have to take him for ‘walkies’ at 3am when it’s torrentially raining/snowstorming/armaggeddon outside). And when it is bad weather (see previous parentheses), too hot and humid out, you’re tired/hungover/not well or just want a night or afternoon in, what better way to do that than spend time watching movies with your dog?

5 – Cats & Dogs (1 & 2) – Fun, silly and has cats that want to take over the world (all dogs everywhere – what’s new about that? You see, as we super smart humans (that would be you and I, or quite possibly just you) already know, there’s a secret and high tech war going on between cats and dogs (okay, not all of them, but some, some) that other humans don’t know about. What follows in both movies are ridiculous and action-packed (for cats and dogs, anyway) hijinks.

4- Best In Show – Laughs, a satirical look inside the dog show world and dogs! This is a mockumentary, exploring the people who show dogs and what they’ll do to win the most coveted award of all, Best In Show. You’ll love it for the laughs and wit and your dog will love it for the dogs showing off their prettier side.


3- 101 Dalmations – Either the live film or the classic Disney animated film, this has got everything, including 101 Dalmations. It also gave the world Cruella DeVille, the animal fur wearing evil villainess all dogs love to hate.

2- The Lady & The Tramp – When the high-bred Lady, a cocker Spaniel with a collar and a license, has her life turned upside down by a new baby in the household, she finds herself on the streets with a dog from the wrong side of the kennel, The Tramp. Lively adventures ensue and they even share a kiss. I think we all know this movie, but if your dog hasn’t seen it (or even if he has), he’s going to love it. This is especially good for the romantic dog, or the mutt, to show how dreams really can come true.

1- Homeward Bound -This has everything. Dogs, cats, action, adventure and some fabulous scenery. Two dogs and a cat go in search of their family after their family leaves with far-off friends to go on vacation. The action begins when the animals begin to worry and go off in search of their family whilst their family does the same. A story for all dogs. All dogs love adventure, and it’s a great way for the non-cat-friendly pooches to see kitties are actually okay. You might have to bring some tissues.



Cats At Weddings?

May 28, 2012

The above video is really a terrible cat wedding. I say terrible because most cats really hate being put  in clothes (no matter how cute they look), really hate being positioned about the place like they’re a well-trained dog or a doll, and they also really hate being made to marry each other (they’re cats…). However, if you wanted to plan your own dream cat wedding, then the Interwebs will provide that for you.

But I was at a wedding of a really good friend this weekend, and we thought how awesome it would be to get our cats to be flower felines. I’m sure people have done that, but is it that good an idea? Should cats attend weddings?

Personally, I’m not sure. In theory, having your cat at a wedding could be the most amazing thing ever. But if your cat was a nervous nelly kind of kitty then disaster might ensue.

Over the next whatever we’ll be occasionally exploring cats, dogs and weddings. Pros and cons, the cuteness and the silliness. And, of course, getting your dog totally wedding ready (because let’s face it, a dog as a flower dog or a ring bearer is completely doable).