MAAAANGOOOO! It’s Summertime (apparently) & Mango The Scottish Fold Is What We All Need!

July 22, 2012

It’s too early (for me) to be posting on a Sunday morning, but as I have a lot to do today, I may not have time tonight, so I thought I’d give you all some Sunday brunch cuteness.

Meet Mango, the little orange (or mango coloured) Scottish Fold. There’s so much awwing awwesomeness in this clip that you probably won’t need sugar on your cereal.

So, enjoy your Sunday, give your fur babies some extra love (just because), and check out our July special for your pet’s grooming needs. It’s $6 off our Organic Lavender & Cashmere bundle of natural shampoo and conditioner for dogs. This means your dog will not only have the shiniest and softest coat in all the dog park, but smell the best, too.


Cuteness Friday Trifecta – Part 2… Meet Soy Sauce, Ninja Kitten

July 20, 2012

Continuing our Friday-let’s-forget-what-a-bad-place-the-world-can-be cuteness trifecta, here’s a teeny, tiny little Scottish Fold Ninja kitten named Soy Sauce.

I’m not sure why he’s such ninja – because he’s all in black maybe? But who really cares? He’s so adorable he’ll make the most manly of men feel like his masculinity flew away on sparkly wings out the window to go on a shopping spree for a few hours. Seriously, this kitten is so adorable rocks and stones will turn to mush and go ‘awwww.’

And don’t you love how teeny kittens always seem to defy gravity with their leaps and bounds into the air? They jump up with virtually no weight holding them to the planet and then they waft down as if they could stay up in the air for as long as they want to, only they don’t want to.

Hands up who loves Ninja kittens? Everyone, right? Right.

Happy 5th Birthday, Maru!

May 24, 2012

Our favourite Japanese Scottish Fold (yes, I know, I always insist on saying that, move along) Maru is celebrating his birthday today!

Like any cat, he celebrates in style. At least, I assume he does, surrounded by sashimi, rare steak cake (steak that’s been formed into a cake…wait, wouldn’t that be steak tartare? But minus all the things bad for cats, so essentially just the steak and perhaps some quail egg drizzled over the top like icing), because while it’s his birthday, we don’t get to see the birthday bash (which just has to include a box of some type).

Instead, we get this adorable video of Maru, with some pretty great music that somehow fits a Maru birthday.

Happy birthday Maru, may you keep making videos for many, many, many more years to come.

Cat Watches Star Wars

March 1, 2012

As promised, here is the second awesome cat video of the day. Yes, an adorable grey Scottish Fold kitty sits up and really watches Star Wars. Like, he’s totally into it.

This really is a complete win situation. It’s Star Wars (A New Hope…the first of the original trilogy, thank you very much), and I think it’s the dogfight in space over the Death Star.

Also, it’s a kitty who loves Star Wars!

My cat thinks he’s way too cool for school when it comes to anything other than beef, chicken, lamb, pork, duck, rabbit, venison, and fish. I’m sure there are other types of meat I’ve forgotten, or even types he hasn’t tried yet. It doesn’t matter. If it’s meat, Marvin will outdo this kitty with his excitement and near-Terminator like concentration. Of course, Marvin wouldn’t be quiet. No. He’d be meowing. Loudly, demanding some meat. And yes, I do buy extra beef and cut him up some and give it to him on a little plate. He’ll scarf it down, then come back and demand more.

Meat is like Star Wars to my cat.

Anyway, this is an awesome video. Go, Star Wars cat!

Oh Maru! It’s Maru VS The Big Box

September 30, 2011

It’s almost Saturday, so for those night owls who’ve been waiting for a bit of the Royal Treatment, I’m presenting you with an oldie but goodie – Maru vs the big box.

If you don’t know Maru, he’s an adorable Scottish Fold kitteh who lives in Japan and has his own blog.

Everything Maru is addictive, and you can see him at his site, or look him up here for other Maru adventures.

Enjoy the rest of your evening – or your morning, or whenever you happening to be looking at this. And don’t forget, our very own founder and fabulous friend of pets, Prince Lorenzo Borghese is currently in LA, judging the Hero Dog competition. If you’re in LA, get yourself a ticket and go along to see the gala and help some dogs!

Oh Maru! New Cuteness Level Reached & Passed…

August 11, 2011

Maru, everyone’s favourite internet cat star is back in another short film (these actors work hard, people), and this one is pretty much the cutest of them all…at least at this moment, anyway.

Watch Maru as he pours himself into the gap, then flips and even winks.

There’s pretty much nothing more left to say – the video says it all.


Meow Monday: 5 Rare Cat Breeds

April 11, 2011

Everyone is always going on about the most popular cat breeds. But we’re not (at least, not today). Instead, we’re introducing you (figuratively) to five rare breeds of cat. Of course, being cats, there’s one thing they all have in common: they’re all adorable!

Devon Rex

Absolutely no relation to Tyrannosaurus, this kitty is a newcomer to the Cat Family. The Devon Rex has only been living it up, cat style, since the 1960s. Her downy undercoat is all she wears. Before you call her a hussy, remember she is a product of the swinging 60s and thus has her own retro-daring style. Her lack of fur makes her velvety to the touch.


Scottish Fold

Another cat hailing from the 60s! The Scottish fold is indeed of Scottish origin, having been discovered in a barn, and then bred by a neighboring cat fancier. While she does indeed have roots in Scotland, this cat (like most cats) refuses to dance the Highland Fling. Her name comes from the fact her ears are lopped, or folded, making her look rather owlish in appearance. She is, of course, cute as a button (we offer Maru & yesterday’s kitten video as proof).


Japanese Bobtail

This kitty has been living it up for many, many years. In fact, she’s been around since at least the 1600s. A cool and quirky cat from cool and quirky Japan, she is proud owner of a distinctive, puffy tail (rather like a rabbit!), and will often hop about, rather than run. No, she isn’t part rabbit, she’s just into being different.


Khao Manee

While the name may sound like a dish on a Thai menu, it most certainly isn’t. But this cat is most definitely Thai. In fact, the Khao Manee was the royal cat of Siam (before the name changed to Thailand). Stealing one was punishable by death. They only recently ventured forth into the rest of the world (try 1999!), and, in keeping with their royal heritage, are available to us commoners for a cool 5 to 10 thousand dollars.



The Savannah cat doesn’t hail from the Deep South. Rather, her name reflects her African roots. The Savannah is a product of cross breeding an African wild cat known as the Serval and the common domestic cat. The result is a gorgeous and unusual cat. She is very large and very loyal and has a penchant for greeting people with a loving head-butt, or a pounce.