Friday Cuteness Trifecta – Part 3… Golden Retriever Dare Devil Rules!

July 20, 2012

Sadly, this brings an end to the cuteness parade of today. But never fear! There are plenty more cute and adorable animals out there, and as Scarlett O’Hara once said, ‘tomorrow is another day’.

I do love how this dog’s human friends are so thoroughly entertained by spending an evening of getting the dog to jump over them. The dog is like, ‘Ok! PLAY TIME! YAY! Can we do this ALL the time!!!???!!! Can we, can we, can we???’.

He’s also very smart when he gets to the human hurdle trifecta!

And remember, if you’re in the market for a pet, please check out the shelters first. The more dogs and cats that find a forever home, the more places there are for the homeless ones in no kill shelters and it’s one less animal waiting on death row. Plus they’re just so wonderful and full of love.

Watch the video. Enjoy!


Mutt & Merlot…For A Good Cause In Brookhaven June 8!

June 5, 2012

Kitteh sez unwanted and injured kittehs are considered mutts by the peasants…erm, humans, and need just as much love as the dogs.

Let’s face it, we live in a very privileged world, where we tend to live much better lives than our parents, or grand parents, or, well, you see what I mean. However, with our privileged lives comes a downside: unwanted animals.

People will often treat animals as nothing more than a cute present, the latest accessory or something that’s an adorable baby but who cares when the Next Big Thing comes along.

Animals are living, breathing, caring, loving, needing creatures. They’re like us but better as they don’t judge, hate or bully. They just love us, sadly no matter what (even when a cruel human doesn’t deserve that love and hurts the animal).

Luckily places like the Brookhaven animal shelter and adoption centre exists, along with their partner in this fun and important night, the Guardians of Rescue.

They are throwing a wonderful shindig on June 8, called Mutts & Merlot to bring together people to help the abandoned, homeless, injured and abused animals of Long Island live better lives, get better and find forever homes.

So, they’re having an eve of wine, hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, raffles and song. (And animals for adoption will be making a stunning appearance.)

It starts at 7pm, ends at 11, and the whole shindig takes place at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard, 2114 Sound Avenue, Calverton, NY 11933.

For tickets, (and they’re a complete steal at $20!!!) contact Brookhaven Animal Shelter or or call: (631) 286-4940

Help Lorenzo Save Lives Of Shelter Animals Through The ‘Paint That Bus’ Campaign

May 18, 2012

We all love animals, and like to do our bit in rescuing those less fortunate than our pampered pets. Lorenzo Borghese is a major pet lover, having launched his amazing line of high end, organic, specially pH balanced-for-pets shampoos, conditioners, spritzes and all the rest (if you haven’t tried them, you must – you’ll be so glad you did!), and continuously devoting his life to helping those animals in dire need.

Animal Aid USA is holding their Amazing Grace “Paint That Bus” campaign/fundraiser. Their fabulous artist, Ellen Strack, will be painting caricatures of your pets on their donated bus in time for the July 11, 2012 Amazing Grace Caravan to Georgia. And our very own Prince Lorenzo Borghese will be at the helm, driving the bus and leading the caravan!

The bus was generously donated to the MOMS Rescue and Animal Aid USA, by Steve Dash of the Humane Society of Atlantic County.

All you have to do to get a picture of your beloved pet on the bus is to donate $50 (way less than we usually spend on a night out), and email the picture you’d like  on the bus.

For more information, please click here.


A Message From The Easter – I Mean, Baby Bunny!

April 8, 2012

It’s Easter today, but what is it all about? Good thing you asked, because this little baby bunny gives her thoughts on the meaning of Easter, and she provides some much needed insight into the day.

The voice of the bunny, and the backgrounds, were all provided by Ilah Cooper, age 4.

Happy Easter, everyone. And happy Passover, too!

Don’t eat too much chocolate, and remember, chocolate is poisonous to our pets, so don’t let your dogs and cats eat any easter eggs.

Puppy Bowl VIII Starts @ 3pm

February 5, 2012

Puppy Bowl 8 starts at 3pm on Animal Planet!

Forget the Super Bowl, this is where the real action (and by action, I mean insane cuteness!) is at. Basically, I know nothing about American football, and I’m not a huge sport fan (although I like soccer and ice skating. Ooh, soccer on ice! Now that’s a game just begging to be played! Can you imagine it? Exactly. Total awesomeness.), but I guarantee I’ll be watching Puppy Bowl. Puppies!

Actually Puppy Bowl 8 is more than puppies. It’s puppies, a kitty and a piggy. There’s also Meep the bird who’ll be doing what birds do best: tweeting! Yes, Meep will tweet all the action. So tune in, sit back and watch the game.

For more information, click on Animal Planet now.

Cute Little Doormouse Snores

January 28, 2012

This is one little doormouse with a really big snore. He kind of reminds me of my cat when he sleeps (except my cat is furrier, bigger – way, way, way, way bigger – blacker, and quite possibly more evil -although evil in a good way – ), what with all those noises.

I can also see, apart from everyone watching this saying ‘awww’ to themselves (or loudly, depending whether you’re alone, with people, or simply don’t care), that that is one damned happy and content little doormouse, one who’s very comfy with the hand upon which he’s sleeping.

That’s another difference between the doormouse and my cat: if my cat was to fit into the hand of a human type person that easily, then that human type person would have to be a giant.

Enjoy the little doormouse!

Dogs 101 – The Cocker Spaniel

January 13, 2012

Since it was raining cats and dogs yesterday and the weather today is the kind of weather that makes us all want to get under the covers with a loving pet to keep our feet warm (it’s a two way relationship, they get to warm up against us, too!), I figured it was the perfect time to have a nice little video all about that cute dog, the cocker spaniel.

So, stay warm, grab your fur baby and watch this little video. We’ll have more for you tomorrow!