Dog & Cat Take Bath Together…But Where’s The Royal Treatment??

July 31, 2012

Oh, where will it all end? Cats and dogs taking baths together!

I thought as our last post for a while, this one was apropos – it’s cute and it sums up one of Prince Lorenzo Borghese’s passions (no, not making cats and dogs hang out together, although I’m sure he’s all for the creatures of our urban animal kingdom to hang out together and be loved and have warm, wonderful forever homes), but making sure our pets are all looked after to the best of our ability.

And one of the best ways we can do that is by grooming them with the fantastic Royal Treatment line. The high end organic shampoos and conditioners and grooming products for dogs are all made with a pet’s skin in mind. pH balanced and infused with essential oils that make the skin soft and supple and fur shiny and silky.

Best of all, for those certain cats who also need bathtimes and brushing, life gets easier and your flesh less bleedy (that could just be me and Marvin, though. Not the bathing – he doesn’t need it, but the bleedy – he can get a bit scratchy, but only with me…ain’t it grand being a cat parent?) with Royal Treatment pet wipes and dry shampoo. No water, no tears and less tangles.

Royal Treatment: it helps make life beautiful and smell good, too.

Hopefully we’ll be back (please let us know if you’d like that). If we move to a different channel, I’ll be sure to let you know, too.

In the meantime, do your pet a favour and get him some Royal Treatment, you’ll all be glad you did!


Lorenzo Appearing On HSN This Week!

April 30, 2012

So tune in and save!

Lorenzo will appear on HSN not once, not twice, but three times this week! This means you have ample opportunity to buy up some of our fantastic Royal Treatment products. If you’ve tried our organic grooming products for dogs, you’ll know they do a wonderful job of not only making your pet smell good and look good, but it makes your pet feel good, too, as our quality natural shampoos, conditioners and spritzes (to name just a few) are designed with a dog’s special skin needs in mind. Yes, our products are pH balanced to protect, soothe and keep skin soft and moisturised and fur silky and tangle free.

Lorenzo will be on tomorrow (Tuesday May 1) at 7:05 am, and then again at 2:15 pm. He’ll then return the following day (Wednesday May 2) at 9 am.

Get ready for some fun and some savings!

Sorry To Interrupt Your Saturday Evening…But…Baby Panda…

March 31, 2012

A baby panda sneezes!

And yes, I know this is a billion years old in interwebs years, but too bad. If I have never seen this before, then perhaps you haven’t either (oh, okay, you probably have…shhh).

it’s short, it’s cute, it’s sweet. Who could not find a baby panda sweet? And I love how Mama is chomping away on her bamboo, sneeze happens, she is like “What is all of Bamboo’s goodness is my baby doing that?!” but then goes back to her chomping. Chomping on deliciousness is always good.

Oh! If you want to take part in our March special for organic pet grooming products for dogs at our Royal Pet Club store, then you have about an hour to shop in. What are you doing still here? Go get some fabulous things for your pooch – he’ll absolutely love it (and be the envy of every other dog he meets).


Simon’s Cat – King Of The Fridge

February 29, 2012

Don’t get excited people! There is no new Simon’s Cat film. I repeat, there is no new Simon’s cat film…yet.

But to make it up to you, I know there will be soon (although I don’t know when, exactly). I wanted to share with you not only this fantastic drawing above, which to anyone who’s owned a cat, or lived with a cat, or even known a cat, can see is spot on. Cats love high places, and cats love to be naughty (when they’re not sleeping).

Put another cat into the mix and you pretty much have the scene in the picture above.

One of the things I love about Simon’s Cat is the awesome website, where we get to read blog entries, see behind the scenes stuff, learn about the new movies and also new books, plush toys (I totally want a Simon’s Cat plush toy…how long is it to Christmas again?), and we also get to read the story behind the drawing. 

Cool, eh?

I thought so.

Also, the February mega deal is almost over (you have 90 minutes until midnight) for your Royal Treatment products. But don’t be too sad. If you miss it, you won’t be able to get a fantastic deal on the Italian Virgin Olive Oil shampoo; but you will be able to take advantage of whatever the wonderful March deal will be.

Stay tuned…

Join Lorenzo, LIVE, on HSN 8/9/11 (Here’s Your Link!)

August 8, 2011





Tomorrow is the day you’ve been waiting for. Lorenzo on HSN (it’s their 9th anniversary together, yay!) together with some fabulous deals on Royal Treatment products. Click here to read up about it.

We bring you great deals, because even in this economy, we know you want the best for your pet. And we have the best in luxury pet shampoos and conditioners. All hand-picked, organic ingredients that will make your dog smell, look, and feel his very best.

Lorenzo will be appearing at 7.30 am, 1pm and 4.16 pm. Because we know you want to see the show, buy some great grooming gifts for your dog, and hopefully speak to Lorenzo himself when you call up, and you’re probably going to be at work, we’re linking to the HSN live online stream of the show.

Click right here for the link.

While the link won’t work if he’s not on, it will at the times listed above.

So get ready to celebrate. Perhaps with the Godzilla victory dance we posted this morning.




It’s Summertime, And A Dog Can Get Scratchy

August 4, 2011

If you have a dog, you know how sensitive his skin is. Season changes, extreme weather, environment, they can all affect dog fur and skin. And, when you bring lifestyle into it… A dog’s coat can become quite a situation. All dusty-looking, drab, and itchy, too, if the poor dog’s continual scratching is anything to go by.

And I know you know how it feels to suffer summer.

Right now, we’re in August, a hot, sweaty, steamy, muggy month. Think your skin suffers? Think about your dog who wears a fur coat all year round, whether he wants to or not.

Airconditioning is drying, sweating is never good for anyone’s (or anydog’s) complexion. We can do something for our skin and hair, but what about our doggy best friend?

Well, making sure there’s lots of fresh, available water will help your pooch. Hydration not only helps our body function properly, but it also plumps skin and makes all creatures, great and small, feel good.

Appropriate exercise helps tremendously, even if it’s only a leisurely stroll around the block. It gets your pooch up and moving, gets blood pumping and muscles moving. Good for everyone involved. When it’s too hot, play a game of fetch or it’s mine indoors. Activity keeps all people, dog and human, fresh and lively all year round.

Also, providing shade when your pooch is outdoors is paramount. Not only does it make your dog feel like royalty, it also helps prevent sunstroke, and keeps him cool.

But one of the best things to help with dry, itchy skin, and weather-drab fur is the right skin regime.

And the best way to treat a dog’s skin is through a shampoo and conditioning…if it’s the right one.

Lorenzo discovered that most dog shampoos actually dried out the skin – and in the height of summer or winter, or season changes, that’s the last thing you want to do; aggravate an existing condition – so he set about making a line of high end pet products. And his organic dog shampoos and conditioners not only make a dog’s skin feel rehydrated, but they also make the fur silky, shiny and smooth.

To me, making my dog’s skin supple and as far from dry as possible, is my top priority in this kind of weather: to have gorgeous silky fur? Added bonus.

Basically, I follow all these steps. And my dog is happy and alert and well hydrated.

Celebrate 9 Years of Lorenzo, Royal Treatment & HSN…8/9/11

August 3, 2011

Join Lorenzo and his fantastic Royal Treatment line (not to mention some awesome deals) on HSN August 9. He has three appearances, and we’re going to have a link to the live feed if you want to watch (who wouldn’t?).

While every appearance on HSN is special, this one is doubly so as it herald’s Lorenzo’s 9th anniversary of being on HSN!

It’s going to be a doggone good time.

The dates are all EST, and he’ll be on as follows: for the early risers – 7.30 am; for the lucky ones who get to laze around all day by the pool, sipping cocktails made my their pool boy (let me dream!) – 1 pm; and those home early, or for those who didn’t get home until the early hours of the morning and just woke up – 4.16 pm.

So, August 9, switch your TV on to HSN (and get your dialing finger ready for some delicious and fragrant bargains) and check out Lorenzo, the deals and the show. Again, at 7.30 am, 1 pm, and 4.16 pm.