MAAAANGOOOO! It’s Summertime (apparently) & Mango The Scottish Fold Is What We All Need!

July 22, 2012

It’s too early (for me) to be posting on a Sunday morning, but as I have a lot to do today, I may not have time tonight, so I thought I’d give you all some Sunday brunch cuteness.

Meet Mango, the little orange (or mango coloured) Scottish Fold. There’s so much awwing awwesomeness in this clip that you probably won’t need sugar on your cereal.

So, enjoy your Sunday, give your fur babies some extra love (just because), and check out our July special for your pet’s grooming needs. It’s $6 off our Organic Lavender & Cashmere bundle of natural shampoo and conditioner for dogs. This means your dog will not only have the shiniest and softest coat in all the dog park, but smell the best, too.


Best Animal Show Ever?

October 21, 2011

Now, we’re pretty nice people around here. After all, we love pets, we love our pets, we love your pets, we love strays, we love the fur babies doing time for crimes they never committed in shelters across the world (and would love to find them all forever homes full of love and treats and warm places to sleep). We make (when I say we, I’m using the royal we, as in Lorenzo, Prince Lorenzo Borghese) wonderful organic and natural shampoo for dogs so they have silky fur and moisturised skin. See? We’re nice people.

So imagine the giggles here at Royal Pet Club HQ (okay, I was the only one giggling) at the big man with the face tattoos (and tattoos everywhere) who cries at the sight of a puppy. He’s scared of dogs. Truly scared. It’s a phobia. It is sad, though.

Animal Planet have launched a new show called ‘My extreme Animal Phobia’, where people come on the show and face their phobia and start to overcome it. Basically, we’re going to be not only be offered an intriguing insight each week at how phobias work, why they happen and how people can work to overcome them with the help of psychologist, Dr Robin Zasio; but the chance to either feel all smug and superior at someone else’s fears (which is mean, but it might happen, especially if you have had a bad day), or a one person cheering squad, hoping the people on the show over come their fears.

The big man who looks like he’d be a puppy’s phobia (not the other way around), Marvin (not named after our resident black cat, Marvin), is terrified of pit bulls after a horrible experience as a child, and works in the episode to over come his pit bull phobia by meeting an adorable baby pit bull puppy. To see the clip, click here!

Yes, I know people shouldn’t laugh, but a puppy? Big, scary looking man terrified to tears at the sight of an adorable puppy? It is highly entertaining TV.

Seriously, go, Marvin, squash that fear, I know you can!

The new show, My Extreme Animal Phobia, premiers tonight on Animal Planet, at 10pm.