Top 5 Movies To Watch With Your Dog

July 19, 2012

Spending time with your furry, four-legged best friend is always fun (well, except the time you have to take him for ‘walkies’ at 3am when it’s torrentially raining/snowstorming/armaggeddon outside). And when it is bad weather (see previous parentheses), too hot and humid out, you’re tired/hungover/not well or just want a night or afternoon in, what better way to do that than spend time watching movies with your dog?

5 – Cats & Dogs (1 & 2) – Fun, silly and has cats that want to take over the world (all dogs everywhere – what’s new about that? You see, as we super smart humans (that would be you and I, or quite possibly just you) already know, there’s a secret and high tech war going on between cats and dogs (okay, not all of them, but some, some) that other humans don’t know about. What follows in both movies are ridiculous and action-packed (for cats and dogs, anyway) hijinks.

4- Best In Show – Laughs, a satirical look inside the dog show world and dogs! This is a mockumentary, exploring the people who show dogs and what they’ll do to win the most coveted award of all, Best In Show. You’ll love it for the laughs and wit and your dog will love it for the dogs showing off their prettier side.


3- 101 Dalmations – Either the live film or the classic Disney animated film, this has got everything, including 101 Dalmations. It also gave the world Cruella DeVille, the animal fur wearing evil villainess all dogs love to hate.

2- The Lady & The Tramp – When the high-bred Lady, a cocker Spaniel with a collar and a license, has her life turned upside down by a new baby in the household, she finds herself on the streets with a dog from the wrong side of the kennel, The Tramp. Lively adventures ensue and they even share a kiss. I think we all know this movie, but if your dog hasn’t seen it (or even if he has), he’s going to love it. This is especially good for the romantic dog, or the mutt, to show how dreams really can come true.

1- Homeward Bound -This has everything. Dogs, cats, action, adventure and some fabulous scenery. Two dogs and a cat go in search of their family after their family leaves with far-off friends to go on vacation. The action begins when the animals begin to worry and go off in search of their family whilst their family does the same. A story for all dogs. All dogs love adventure, and it’s a great way for the non-cat-friendly pooches to see kitties are actually okay. You might have to bring some tissues.



Happy Birthday, Mr Bracewell

August 2, 2011

Remember when we posted the awesomeness that is The Cat Man (L’Homme Chat)? Well, this isn’t about that man. It’s about the man who made the short documentary on L’Homme Chat, Paul Trillo.

We loved the documentary because it showed Bela Erdai, the self proclaimed cat man, in a thoughtful and respectful light. The man performs on the streets of France with his beautiful cats, and while Mr Trillo could have just shown us some weird and funny moments about a street performer – possibly a crazy man or a vagrant, he didn’t. He showed us the man behind the cats. The artist, who is married and lives with his wife and various animals, got to say his piece, and we got to look inside the life of someone who doesn’t dance to the same beat as the rest of us, a true individual who has found his way to express himself, and share something with the world.

Paul Trillo’s latest film is called Happy Birthday, Mr Bracewell.  The new project, a dramedy, is new project is a story about a lonely, disorganized life insurance salesman who experiences anxiety and paranoia surrounding his 65th birthday. His drab, messy office and equally uninspiring apartment is not the future Bracewell envisioned for himself. He fears growing older as much as he has anxiety of the past.

Reminiscent of Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, Mr Bracewell revisits his past on his birthday. Except this time, he has bizarre time hallucinations, of which he tells to his taxidermy parakeet, Montague, that time is moving backwards. The dead bird is of little help.

Amplifying his time perception dilemma, he meets his long lost half brother, Peter, who has apparently built a working time machine that is fueled by memories. The catch is it only lasts for 5 minutes at a time.

Bracewell volunteers and enters the memory time machine. We revisit his birthday three years prior, the day his wife left him. Bracewell watches his life on a TV screen before he is ejected back into a harsh reality. However, not everything we’ve seen is to be believed. Bracewell discovers a truth about himself in an elaborate scheme of lies.

This sounds great, doesn’t it? We know the only animal in it is a taxidermy parakeet, but that’s okay. That’s enough of a connection to get onto here, especially since he made The Cat Man documentary.

Paul Trillo is raising money to fund the film, and you can donate (it’s really cheap, and how cool would it be to be part of the film in such a way?) by clicking here and heading on over to kickstarter for all the details.

And head on over to Haute or Not Pets to read more about it!


My Magic Dog

April 29, 2011

How do you top the end of a week that culminated in a royal wedding? You don’t!

We say, sit back, relax and watch something good and heartwarming…and what’s better than this little known film (around here, anyway) entitled ‘My Magic Dog’?

Well, okay, a few million dollars, but those millions don’t seem to be appearing so it’s the film.

Also known as My Ghost Dog, the story follows a boy, Toby who’s horrible Aunt Violet is trying to trick him out of his inheritance…but he’s got a friend, an ‘invisible’ dog who helps him keep what’s his.

Find it, watch it (it’s on Netflix) and enjoy with the whole family!

My Dog – An Unconditional Love Story

August 22, 2010

If you’re a dog lover and looking for something interesting to watch, then look no further.

This intriguing documentary looks at famous actors, writers, musicians and other people of note and their relationship with their ultimate best friend: their dogs.

A heart-warming, fascinating peek into the one thing that drives so many of us, the unconditional love our pet gives us and how that pet makes us feel.

Whether you buy this film or rent it, do yourself a favour and watch it. As a bonus, a portion of the DVD sales will go to an animal charity, so you can feel good about spending an enjoyable 50 plus minutes.

Cats & Dogs…

August 2, 2010

Forget Angelina Jolie and her latest blockbuster…the real thrills, stars and sparks are to be found in the real upcoming hit of 2010: Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore.

It’s got everything! Glamour! Danger! Fur (real, honest-to-goodness fur)!, Riches! Adventure! Cats…and…dogs…working together!

This, my animal loving friends, is the movie to see. So check it out when it hits a cinema near you!