Adorable Puppy Playing

July 30, 2012

Here’s a Monday morning summer special – an adorable puppy playing. If that doesn’t help your heart feel as warm as this heatwave that keeps on giving, then I don’t know what will.

This is sadly our last blog entry for a while, but hopefully we’ll be back at some point, bringing you news, fun, and cute animals – not to mention all the great things Lorenzo does for all the animals out there who are unable to help themselves. But don’t worry, while the blog is going into hybernation (or at least this part of it), Royal Treatment will be still sharing their amazing products with you and your fur babies.



It’s Be Kind To Animals Week!

May 9, 2012

If you follow Royal Pet Club and Lorenzo’s tweets, you’d know this week is Be Kind to Animals Week.

Promoted by the American Humane Association, the week has such stars as Betty White and Lorenzo Borghese giving their all to the cause. And what a great cause it is.

Even if you’re always kind to animals (and if you’re here on this site, reading this, then of course you are!) there’s always something else you can do. Volunteer to help at a shelter, promote the importance of spaying and neutering, or even just bring home something special for your pet (or allocate some extra time for extra pampering and attention).

Whatever you do, please help by spreading the word. The ASA has some great information on their Be Humane page, too.

Even though this week is Be Kind to Animals week, why not try and make every week Be Kind to Animals Week?

Tonight, Help Lorenzo Save The Horses!

May 3, 2012

Tonight, Lorenzo will be attending a cocktail party benefit in aid of one his great passions – horses! We all know how Lorenzo is dedicated to helping animals; in particular the house pet kind, but he’s equally passionate about those majestic creatures, horses.

The event hosted by NYCLASS, will be held at Tribeca Three Sixty (10 Desbrosses Street), from 7 to 11, with drinks, all vegan nibblies, a silent auction and dancing! (Hey, you never know, maybe you can score a dance with Lorenzo..)

Tickets are available at the door, with a discount for those under 30 (can you get some reverse fake ID, I wonder…I kid, I kid…never do that for good causes!).

The event is in aid of bringing about the end of horse carriages in NYC. The horseless carriage movement wants to end the cruel practice of having horses in busy Manhattan, and put the horses where they belong: in a lovely field where they’re away from the soot, smog, and dangers of city life, where they can run free.

Click here to learn more about it and to buy tickets. We hope to see you there tonight.

Help By Design Fundraiser

November 14, 2011

This Wednesday night, the 16th of November, the Help By Design Fundraiser is being held, with proceeds going to benefit Animal Haven.

Tickets are on sale here, and if all tickets are sold before the event, $25K will be already donated to Animal Haven – and that’s before the silent auction! This translates into a lot of cats and dogs being helped, which we love.

Our own Prince Lorenzo Borghese will be attending, and he’d love to see you there.

The fun event will feature a silent auction of carefully handpicked luxury and fashion items hors d’oeuvres, champagne, music, and of course, sparkling conversations with Lorenzo and other stars and interesting people.

If you are interested in attending, you must buy your tickets in advance (see the link above). The Help By Design fundraiser is conveniently located at Norwood Club, 241 W 14th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Hopefully you can attend, but either way, please spread the word, and help find abandoned dogs and cats a loving forever home with the help of Animal Haven.

Celebrate 9 Years of Lorenzo, Royal Treatment & HSN…8/9/11

August 3, 2011

Join Lorenzo and his fantastic Royal Treatment line (not to mention some awesome deals) on HSN August 9. He has three appearances, and we’re going to have a link to the live feed if you want to watch (who wouldn’t?).

While every appearance on HSN is special, this one is doubly so as it herald’s Lorenzo’s 9th anniversary of being on HSN!

It’s going to be a doggone good time.

The dates are all EST, and he’ll be on as follows: for the early risers – 7.30 am; for the lucky ones who get to laze around all day by the pool, sipping cocktails made my their pool boy (let me dream!) – 1 pm; and those home early, or for those who didn’t get home until the early hours of the morning and just woke up – 4.16 pm.

So, August 9, switch your TV on to HSN (and get your dialing finger ready for some delicious and fragrant bargains) and check out Lorenzo, the deals and the show. Again, at 7.30 am, 1 pm, and 4.16 pm.

Impact Red Charity Event Tonight + Charity Walk Sunday

May 12, 2011

This post isn’t about animals, but it is about something very important. The fight against HIV and AIDS.

Tonight, Lorenzo will be attending the charity fundraiser for Impact Red tonight at La Pomme on W 26th Street in Manhattan. The event runs from 7.30 until 11pm, and a $50 donation (more if you can, obviously!) will get you access to the open bar, appetizers, the silent auction, and the chance to win one of the raffle prizes, not to mention the opportunity to rub shoulders with the likes of Prince Lorenzo Borghese!

Seriously – $50 will get you all that and it’s money that’s going to a good cause. We all spend at least $50 on a night on the town, why not head along to La Pomme this evening, have a great night and feel virtuous about it. Go on, click here and have a night on the town and help a great chairty.

If you can’t make it, then there’s the Impact Charity walk Sunday, starting in Central Park.

To learn more, attend tonight’s fundraiser, donate or find out how you can take part or help, click here. 

Salmon Oil -Is Good For You, Is Good For Dog (& Cat)

February 16, 2011

Hurrah! With the days (sort of) getting warmer it means one thing: there’s a season change just around the corner (well, one of these corners, perhaps March-sh, which is Marching up very quickly!), and that means dry skin, straw-like fur, flakiness, you know, all the stuff you hate that happens to you will happen to your pet.

Luckily the salmon oil that’s chock-full of so many goodies that make us healthy, glowing and shiny (in the flowing locks department, that is…), is really great for your pet, too.

Yep, salmon oil. And knowing Lorenzo the way we do, his salmon oil is from wild, non-farmed salmon, and from sustainable fishing, too.

Your pet will be healthier, have softer skin, and a shiny coat.

And as we said in our headline, it’s not just for the dogs, Lorenzo loves our felines friends, too, and makes a salmon oil for cats. Which, when you think about it, is pretty much genius, since cats LOVE eating fish…

But don’t take our word for it. Hop on over to Haute or Not Pets and read what they had to say, waaay back at the beginning of the year (so, so long ago now..) about Royal Treatment’s salmon oil.

Hmm, I don’t know about you, but I could really go for some pan-fried salmon over parsnip mash with parsley and an orange butter sauce…