Cuteness Friday Trifecta – Part 2… Meet Soy Sauce, Ninja Kitten

July 20, 2012

Continuing our Friday-let’s-forget-what-a-bad-place-the-world-can-be cuteness trifecta, here’s a teeny, tiny little Scottish Fold Ninja kitten named Soy Sauce.

I’m not sure why he’s such ninja – because he’s all in black maybe? But who really cares? He’s so adorable he’ll make the most manly of men feel like his masculinity flew away on sparkly wings out the window to go on a shopping spree for a few hours. Seriously, this kitten is so adorable rocks and stones will turn to mush and go ‘awwww.’

And don’t you love how teeny kittens always seem to defy gravity with their leaps and bounds into the air? They jump up with virtually no weight holding them to the planet and then they waft down as if they could stay up in the air for as long as they want to, only they don’t want to.

Hands up who loves Ninja kittens? Everyone, right? Right.


Cat Pushing A Kitten In A Shopping Cart

July 17, 2012


Yes, this picture is all sorts of adorable.

Last week the Daily Mail posted an article about two looking-for-forever-homes kittens. Joey the kitten is only 2 weeks old, and came to the Exeter Axhayes Adoption Centre after his mother was killed by a car. Chesney, the cat in the above photo is his friend and they love to play in the trolley. It seems Chesney has taken a shine to the little tiny kitten.

With so many adorable animals out there looking for a home, I don’t understand why people continuously only buy their pets from breeders. I know many of you have adopted your pets, which is wonderful.

Hopefully the two kittens, along with all the other cats and kittens at the centre find a forever home soon!

Introducing The Kitten Marshmallow – Will Melt Your Heart

April 5, 2012

There are tons of videos of Marshmallow from her very early days on. I decided to start on week 4 – but please feel free to work backwards, if you want, and I know you’re going to want.

Her humans have been chronicling this teeny kitty’s life for us and it’s magical and real and all that kind of thing that people say when teeny tiny babies are shown to them doing their thing because it’s true.

Sweetfurx, the people behind the whole Marshmallow kitten thing give you a really interesting and detailed account of Marshmallow’s progress, and explanations for their decisions, and the way they film and it’s fascinating.

So, what are you doing hanging around here? Go watch the video and watch the rest of the Chronicles of Marshmallow…

Shh… Babies Sleeping…

March 27, 2012

Baby kitties, that is! It’s Tuesday, and we missed posting a cute/adorable picture yesterday, and tomorrow will be Wednesday, which is mid-week, which means there’s still yet another day until Friday, and then you have to get through Friday to reach the weekend. So you probably need something adorable and calming to get you through.

I know. I feel the pain, too.

Also, baby kittens are much cuter than a certain black cat who just attacked my leg quite violently because his favourite roommate is moving out. My point to that certain black cat was ‘attack him, not me’, but some cats have minds of their own and do whatever they want, including violently clawing the leg of the human that feeds them.

Baby kittens (baby ragdoll kittens at that!) are cute. That’s all I’m saying.

Watch as many times as needed to find your happy place.

Just So They’re Not Left Out: The Kitties Of Puppy Bowl VIII!

February 7, 2012

I challenge you not to find this adorable.

For those of you who missed puppy bowl VII’s half time show, or for those of you who are having withdrawal (it happens…), here’s a little video clip of the kitten half time show. Can puppy bowl have been so long ago now (two days is a long time for some of us)?

Personally, I love the music almost as much as I love the kittens. It’s just so…mental yet perfect for energy packed kittens. Seriously, where do they get all that energy from? Forget Red Bull, someone needs to manufacture kitten energy. Of course, I think we all know that energy doesn’t really last too long beyond kittenhood. When kittens become cats they turn to sleeping at all opportunities (all opportunities being the times they’re not busy hunting toy mice, leaping about for no reason at all, eating, and demanding the steak your preparing with very loud meows), just like the one curled up on my bed as I type. I think it’s the 9th nap of the day and it’s only 11.22am!

Enjoy discovering/reliving the kitten half time show!

The Kitten Covers, Brought To You By…

November 20, 2011

someone on Tumblr!

That’s right! Some awesome and wonderful (and perhaps kitten mad) has made/compiled a page of classic album covers with kittens!

See, I told you it was awesome!

Okay, enough ! marks. But seriously, it’s probably the most awesome thing I’ve seen all week, and it takes the bitter taste of the dying embers of the weekend out of my mouth (you hear that, coming work week? What? You’re a short work week? Yes, but still, it’s a WORK day tomorrow…).

Basically these pictures are all kinds of cute, clever, adorable and AWWWWW all rolled into one. So, you can check out the entire (so far…) collection by clicking here.

Kittens rule, puppies drool (well, they do. Even though puppies are just as awesome and adorable as kittens. And so are cats and dogs…oh, heck, I’m leaving it at this, enjoy – and don’t forget there is still time to get you some amazing organic dog shampoo and conditioner for your favourite pooch, Christmas IS coming upon us fast, by taking advantage of Royal Pet Club’s latest monthly special offer. You can click here to check it out, too.).

Rockin’ kittens! (oh, dear, I lied, there was one more !)

Meow Monday: Return Of The Jedi Kittens!

September 19, 2011

Those amazing little kittens are back in their very own Star Wars sequel. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re in the market for some great pet supplies for dogs and cats, don’t forget to check out this month’s special deal at the Royal Pet Club shop. Now summer is fading away and winter is coming towards us, you’ll want to have some orange and sugar cane organic pet shampoo and conditioner to bring back the sweet warmth of summer (in your memory, anyway!). The deal is a whopping 30% off the bundle! And vote for what you’d like to see for next month’s special offer!

Now, go enjoy the adorable kittens! Yes, that is an order.