Dog & Cat Take Bath Together…But Where’s The Royal Treatment??

July 31, 2012

Oh, where will it all end? Cats and dogs taking baths together!

I thought as our last post for a while, this one was apropos – it’s cute and it sums up one of Prince Lorenzo Borghese’s passions (no, not making cats and dogs hang out together, although I’m sure he’s all for the creatures of our urban animal kingdom to hang out together and be loved and have warm, wonderful forever homes), but making sure our pets are all looked after to the best of our ability.

And one of the best ways we can do that is by grooming them with the fantastic Royal Treatment line. The high end organic shampoos and conditioners and grooming products for dogs are all made with a pet’s skin in mind. pH balanced and infused with essential oils that make the skin soft and supple and fur shiny and silky.

Best of all, for those certain cats who also need bathtimes and brushing, life gets easier and your flesh less bleedy (that could just be me and Marvin, though. Not the bathing – he doesn’t need it, but the bleedy – he can get a bit scratchy, but only with me…ain’t it grand being a cat parent?) with Royal Treatment pet wipes and dry shampoo. No water, no tears and less tangles.

Royal Treatment: it helps make life beautiful and smell good, too.

Hopefully we’ll be back (please let us know if you’d like that). If we move to a different channel, I’ll be sure to let you know, too.

In the meantime, do your pet a favour and get him some Royal Treatment, you’ll all be glad you did!


MAAAANGOOOO! It’s Summertime (apparently) & Mango The Scottish Fold Is What We All Need!

July 22, 2012

It’s too early (for me) to be posting on a Sunday morning, but as I have a lot to do today, I may not have time tonight, so I thought I’d give you all some Sunday brunch cuteness.

Meet Mango, the little orange (or mango coloured) Scottish Fold. There’s so much awwing awwesomeness in this clip that you probably won’t need sugar on your cereal.

So, enjoy your Sunday, give your fur babies some extra love (just because), and check out our July special for your pet’s grooming needs. It’s $6 off our Organic Lavender & Cashmere bundle of natural shampoo and conditioner for dogs. This means your dog will not only have the shiniest and softest coat in all the dog park, but smell the best, too.

Friday Cuteness Trifecta – Part 3… Golden Retriever Dare Devil Rules!

July 20, 2012

Sadly, this brings an end to the cuteness parade of today. But never fear! There are plenty more cute and adorable animals out there, and as Scarlett O’Hara once said, ‘tomorrow is another day’.

I do love how this dog’s human friends are so thoroughly entertained by spending an evening of getting the dog to jump over them. The dog is like, ‘Ok! PLAY TIME! YAY! Can we do this ALL the time!!!???!!! Can we, can we, can we???’.

He’s also very smart when he gets to the human hurdle trifecta!

And remember, if you’re in the market for a pet, please check out the shelters first. The more dogs and cats that find a forever home, the more places there are for the homeless ones in no kill shelters and it’s one less animal waiting on death row. Plus they’re just so wonderful and full of love.

Watch the video. Enjoy!

Dog Wedding Of The Century – Most Expensive…For A Cause

July 14, 2012

Thursday just past was a big day in the who’s who of the Animal World of New York.

Yes, poodle Chilly Pasternak married Coton de Tulear Baby Hope Diamond in a Central Park ceremony that launched them into the pages of the Guinness Book of Records!

The wedding was the most expensive pet wedding ever, costing a cool $158,187.26.

Never fear, if you’re thinking the who’s who of NYC were living it up, well, okay, they were, but all proceeds went to the Humane Society of New York. And the sushi and music were all donated.

Let’s face it, if anyone was going to have a super expensive pet wedding, then it’s only fair all proceeds go to help all the animals who can’t help themselves.


US Federal Govt Seeks YOUR Opinion On The Animal Welfare Act

July 11, 2012

Hello fellow pet lovers. I know I promised you this all on Monday (liar! I hear you saying at your computer screens), but I’ve been having computer problems. Namely, modem problems. Our modem keeps not working, and the folks at Time Warner kept trying to upgrade instead of helping so that took another day. We’re striving (by we, I mean me) to keep the blog posts rolling along, but sometimes it takes 2 or more hours to get it working again. Someone of the fixer-type is coming on Tuesday, so hopefully it will be smooth sailing from then on.

Now! On to business.

If you follow Lorenzo on Twitter (and you should) you’ll see he’s been posting lots of interesting and important things for us to all take part in to help end needless animal suffering and death –  animal aid USA and The Amazing Grace Caravan to name but two.

So this is in the same spirit. The government is looking at changes to the animal welfare act. Changes that will  crack down on unlicensed dealers selling dogs, cats and other pets over the Internet or phone.

While I know you don’t buy your pets like that (hopefully a majority adopts!), and only from reputable breeders, but there are so many out there who don’t. Either they don’t know better or they don’t care. But you now have up til July 16 to have your say and do your bit to help change the laws.

Remember, if this change happens and it saves only one animals life, then it’s worth it. And you know it will save so, so, so many more.

To read all about it and find out how to register your opinion, click here.

Chloe The Corgi Tests iPad 2

July 8, 2012

I was going to bring you some hard hitting stuff today, but it’s a Sunday, and it’s hot and I just went to the gym again for the third day in a row after being lazy for a year and using my bike as a clothes rack (yes, the bike is still a temporary clothes rack, which I need to change), so I just hurt.

Instead, I’ll bring you some more serious reports tomorrow, when I’ll hurt more and be grumpy and in honour of the fact it’s Monday.

Here’s Chloe the Corgi over at, testing out an iPad.

Everyone has seen a cat test an iPad, and how cats think they’re interesting and potential toys/things cats can kill (cats everywhere: we cats can kill whatever we feel like killing). But a dog’s view? Chloe doesn’t know what to do with it and noses it over to her human. Then she pokes it with her nose. Finally, Chloe has had enough of this weird thing that doesn’t give her food or treats or take her for walks. It’s weird, it’s alien and scary. What does she do?

Bark at it. A lot.

Basically, cats rule and dogs drool when it comes time to test out new human tech. But dogs have the market cornered on ‘fetch’ and ‘it’s mine’ (dogs everywhere: cats don’t know HOW to play fetch. Dumdums).


Breaking News: Reporter Has Stray Kitteh Shower Her With Kitteh Love!

July 6, 2012

This video has been making the rounds today. WXMI Fox 17’s Nicole DiDonato attempted to give a report on who knows what (and who really cares when you’re watching this) when a little grey fuzz-face put a paw on her shoulder (scaring her) and then jumped up on her to show her and the world was a beautiful kitteh he (she?) was, and how so, so very friendly.

Sure a little of the love was shown with a little claw action (how else do cats get a grip when they’re preforming their amazing balancing acts?), but having a cat sink the odd claw or two in while trying to smooch and perform some acrobatic tricks at the same time is simply another way of saying, ‘hey you, I deign to acknowledge you’ – which is human speak translates into love.

The beautiful grey cat sauntered off after she (he?) showed the world what true beauty is.

Nicole said she didn’t mind it, and you could see she valiently tried to go on and wasn’t mad at the cat (she’s no Evil Queen to the cat’s Snow White). Apparently Nicole has adopted 2 stray cats from 2 different cities she’s reported from. Nicole, we love you for that.

I really hope little grey cat finds a wonderful forever home. But things like this do show us that there are cats and dogs out there. Sweet, loving, friendly, well-adjusted animals living on the streets, living in fear of being transported to a kill shelter. It’s time we all did something about it, by supporting no-kill shelters, and supporting Lorenzo in his upcoming bus trip. It’s never too late to do you little bit.