Cat Has Been Mayor Of An Alaskan Town For 15 Years

July 19, 2012

Those Alaskans certainly get politics. When people say it’s gone to the cats and dogs, they simply say, no, the cats, well, one cat, anyway.

It rained cats (and perhaps thundered dogs) today in NYC, so this seemed apropos (dog tips and stories tomorrow! Yay!).

About 15 years ago, the good folk of Talkeetna, Alaska decided to have a write-in election, when Mayor Stubbs was a kitten. After deciding (town meeting? psychic mind link? idle gossip?) they didn’t like any of the human candidates, they went for the most obvious and best choice ever: Stubbs the cat.

Mayor Stubbs is part Manx and very popular amongst the townsfolk, who say he’s the best mayor they’ve ever had. Which is probably why they keep voting him in!

In fact, resident Laurie Stec told the press: “He’s good. Probably the best we’ve had.”

Mayor Stubbs lives it up in the General Store, where he is, apparently a bit of a mayoral diva at times (note: he’s a cat, he’s practically has to be a diva at times). The employee told CNN: “All throughout the day I have to take care of the mayor. He’s very demanding. He meowed and meowed and meowed and demanded to be picked up and put on the counter. And he demanded to be taken away from the tourists. Then he had his long, afternoon nap.”

Let’s take a quick look at Mayor Stubb’s credentials, shall we? He prefers naked to clothes and isn’t ashamed of his body (some say he’s very proud of it, he loves getting his tummy rubbed. He was adopted from a box of kittens and pretty much went straight into his mayordom. He drinks his water exclusively from a wine glass infused with cat nip. He’s never raised taxes, they don’t have sales tax and more importantly, he doesn’t ever embarrass the town on TV in political debates.

Mayor Stubbs FTW!

But importantly – where’s the town where a dog is the mayor?


Breaking News: Reporter Has Stray Kitteh Shower Her With Kitteh Love!

July 6, 2012

This video has been making the rounds today. WXMI Fox 17’s Nicole DiDonato attempted to give a report on who knows what (and who really cares when you’re watching this) when a little grey fuzz-face put a paw on her shoulder (scaring her) and then jumped up on her to show her and the world was a beautiful kitteh he (she?) was, and how so, so very friendly.

Sure a little of the love was shown with a little claw action (how else do cats get a grip when they’re preforming their amazing balancing acts?), but having a cat sink the odd claw or two in while trying to smooch and perform some acrobatic tricks at the same time is simply another way of saying, ‘hey you, I deign to acknowledge you’ – which is human speak translates into love.

The beautiful grey cat sauntered off after she (he?) showed the world what true beauty is.

Nicole said she didn’t mind it, and you could see she valiently tried to go on and wasn’t mad at the cat (she’s no Evil Queen to the cat’s Snow White). Apparently Nicole has adopted 2 stray cats from 2 different cities she’s reported from. Nicole, we love you for that.

I really hope little grey cat finds a wonderful forever home. But things like this do show us that there are cats and dogs out there. Sweet, loving, friendly, well-adjusted animals living on the streets, living in fear of being transported to a kill shelter. It’s time we all did something about it, by supporting no-kill shelters, and supporting Lorenzo in his upcoming bus trip. It’s never too late to do you little bit.

Simon’s Cat’s Guide To Boxes

July 5, 2012

I think you all know by now how much we love Simon’s Cat around here.

Well, even though it’s not a new video, the awesome Simon of Simon’s Cat fame has drawn us this fantastic cartoon of how cats see different boxes.

Considering I have a black cat who is sleeping in a dilapidated box that sits in his dog bed (he’s a big, manly cat, okay? He’s not fat, but manly. Tall, long, with a magnificent tail and one regal white whisker he’s apparently just grown in the past couple of months), because he won’t sleep in his bed if there is a box around; I get cats and boxes, and I know you cat people will, too.

If you want more wonderful Simon’s Cat things, then click to see his website. It has all the videos, merchandise and a whole bunch of fantastic cartoons!

Happy day after Independence Day (thank goodness we weren’t invaded by aliens…).


Dancing Chihuahua!

June 22, 2012

It’s Friday night, and that means it’s time to celebrate the weekend ahead of us (and who cares if it’s been raining? It’s the weekend, darn it, we’re celebrating no matter what!), and what better way to celebrate the weekend than with this very cool dancing chihuahua.

Admittedly, I’m a bit jealous, because I don’t dance. This is because I can’t. Being uncoordinated is a burden, and one I choose to suffer in silence (except for me sharing with you now. But it’s still in silence, because you’re reading these words, not listening). I’m also jealous because this dog has some serious moves. I’m betting most of you are jealous.

The thing is, we can’t hate because puppy is just too adorable.


Do Not Disturb Kitteh

June 13, 2012

In this short and sweet little video, we get to see just how private cats are.

If you’re a cat person, you’ll know how much privacy a cat wants when he’s taking care of business. When my cat had to wear a cone on his head, he managed to get himself into the litter box (don’t ask me how) but he couldn’t get out due to the cone. So I had to remove the cover for the duration of his being all conefied. Well, after that, when he went to his litter box, he’d look embarrassed and long suffering (I mean on top of the whole embarrassed and long suffering looks I got because of the cone), and then with quiet dignity, turn his back to the world and face the world and go about his business.

Bottom line. Cats have dignity. They’re private. If they had opposable thumbs, they’d have their own marble bathrooms with a bidet for after the box. And that marble bathroom would have a door. That closed. And probably locked (opposable thumbs, is all I’m saying).

This kitteh is telling the human what’s for about trying to go to the bathroom leaving the door open while a CAT is in the room.

Cats are cool.

Jedi Turtles

June 8, 2012

It’s Friday night, almost Saturday, and I decided to stupidly cook a curry for a party tomorrow. What am I thinking? I still have other things to do, too. I really, really wish I had some Jedi turtles (or any other kind of Jedi, really) around to help me with the Force.

Why, they could make all the food cook by itself. Or they could, when guests arrive tomorrow, make them think there was all this amazing and delicious food, when really there would just be a packet of Doritos and Krasdale onion dip mix.

Hmmm, if the Jedi turtle owners don’t like them to use their Jedi powers, maybe I could borrow them for the day…

Anyway, enjoy this cute little video.

Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants Loves Him Some Snuggles With Murkin

June 1, 2012

Firstly, as Thomas O’Malley gets older, he may want to drop the last part of his name, just so he won’t get beat up in the playground.

Secondly, how cute is Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants (I just couldn’t resist. Sorry)?

Thomas is a rescue kitty who’s currently living with Murkin the dog as a foster kitty. After health issues from his street upbringing, and operations that very kind strangers donated money from all over to pay for said operations (don’t you love it when a lot of people give a little and it makes such a huge difference?), Thomas is back on top, healthy and about as loving as a love bug could ever be.

I know Murkin looks like he’s simply putting up with it, but the absolute love and joy that TOF has is going to win the dog over at any second.

Do you have an adorable video like this? If so, send it in, we’d love to see it!

Happy Friday (and happy birthday to fellow Gemini 1st of Juners like me!)