Chloe The Corgi Tests iPad 2

July 8, 2012

I was going to bring you some hard hitting stuff today, but it’s a Sunday, and it’s hot and I just went to the gym again for the third day in a row after being lazy for a year and using my bike as a clothes rack (yes, the bike is still a temporary clothes rack, which I need to change), so I just hurt.

Instead, I’ll bring you some more serious reports tomorrow, when I’ll hurt more and be grumpy and in honour of the fact it’s Monday.

Here’s Chloe the Corgi over at, testing out an iPad.

Everyone has seen a cat test an iPad, and how cats think they’re interesting and potential toys/things cats can kill (cats everywhere: we cats can kill whatever we feel like killing). But a dog’s view? Chloe doesn’t know what to do with it and noses it over to her human. Then she pokes it with her nose. Finally, Chloe has had enough of this weird thing that doesn’t give her food or treats or take her for walks. It’s weird, it’s alien and scary. What does she do?

Bark at it. A lot.

Basically, cats rule and dogs drool when it comes time to test out new human tech. But dogs have the market cornered on ‘fetch’ and ‘it’s mine’ (dogs everywhere: cats don’t know HOW to play fetch. Dumdums).



The Corgi Is Not A Natural Diver (Cute Video)

July 10, 2011

Since it’s hot outside, and you may not be near a pool or the ocean, we figured this charming video of a Corgi taking his first swim (in complete safety gear, thank you very much), would make you feel like you’re there.

I especially like his little belly flops: let’s face it, the Corgi is not going to win any awards in Olympic diving… But who cares?? He’s cute and you gotta love the whole scared of the water/bravado thing when faced with the ball in the water.

Anyway, cool off, and enjoy this video, and pretend tomorrow is not Monday.

Lewis The Corgi Wants His Toy Back!

April 17, 2011

No, seriously, spring is here, no matter what it might look like (from here in NY), so we figured we’d celebrate by this adorable video of Lewis the Corgi (hmmm perhaps he belongs to the Queen…is this what the palace backyard looks like?) who wants his toy back. He really wants his toy back.