Cuteness Friday Trifecta – Part 1…Puppy Gets Stuck in Sleeve

July 20, 2012

Oh boy, after waking to the horrific news of the crazy ‘I’m the Joker’ gunman bursting into a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado last night and killing 12 people, and injuring nearly 60 more (including a 3 month old infant), I think we all need a little cuteness in our lives – as soft and fluffy and adorable as possible.

Above we have an adorable puppy who got stuck in a sweater sleeve. I know, I know, we all feel bad when someone laughs at a cute animal getting stuck or tangled up in something. That person should help, we say. But if it’s ever happened to you and your pet, you want to help, you really do, but you end up simply laughing so much you can’t move. You’re helpless. Honest.


Colorado Wildfires Has Hundreds Of Pets Evacuating

June 28, 2012

The scary wildfires in Colorado, being dubbed the worst in the history of Colorado, still have three burning out of control.

These fires have caused tens of thousands of residents to evacuate along with their pets.

As an Australian, I can tell you that these wildfires – or bushfires as I know them – can turn at a moments notice, jump over roads and pastures and sometimes send fireballs far ahead to start new fires. I’m not saying that these fires will do that, or that they’re up there with the worst Australia and even California have had, but a wildfire is named that for a reason, and it’s always best to be prepared, even if you’re not currently in the road of the fire.

Please, look up what the ASPCA has to say on pet evacuation, and also look up what your local government has to say about preparing your home and whether to stay or to evacuate, and of course, how to be prepared for evacuation.

But for your pets we have some advice.

  • keep your pet inside
  • have an emergency evacuation kit for your pet and family near the door or within easy reach (should contain meds you or your pet needs, phone numbers, food, water, blankets, some clothes and important papers)
  • a carry cage for your pet
  • all pet ID
  • leashes

If you are put on alert that you may have to evacuate, put your pet in its carry cage. Pets, especially cats, may hide in fear when the fires come close. So make sure you have everything ready way beforehand, and do as much as you can to fireproof your house by clearing all debris and making it as hard for the fire to reach your home.

To all our Colorado pet lovers, we wish you safety and best thoughts, and we hope you and your pets are kept out of harms way.