Adorable Puppy Playing

July 30, 2012

Here’s a Monday morning summer special – an adorable puppy playing. If that doesn’t help your heart feel as warm as this heatwave that keeps on giving, then I don’t know what will.

This is sadly our last blog entry for a while, but hopefully we’ll be back at some point, bringing you news, fun, and cute animals – not to mention all the great things Lorenzo does for all the animals out there who are unable to help themselves. But don’t worry, while the blog is going into hybernation (or at least this part of it), Royal Treatment will be still sharing their amazing products with you and your fur babies.



Bond’s Blog: My Show Redux, Episode 4

June 28, 2010

Hello everyone,

If you’re sweltering in the oppressive heat that’s crushing NYC (and other places) and there’s narry a dogitini to be found, take a break and cool off by watching my show, episode 4. It’s cool, short and fun. Perfect for half time in the World Cup game of Brazil versus Chile.

I wonder who will win?

Great Cat Adoption Site – Murph Finds A New Home!

June 22, 2010

Now, this isn’t a shelter, or anything like that. Rather, Space Paws is a little site with a huge heart and that heart is dedicated to helping kitties find a new home when theirs- for whatever reason – is no longer a viable option.

(And, for all you space buffs and nerds out there, Space Paws is run by the staff at the science operations of the Hubble Space Telescope – how cool is that??)

We do love the big organisations, along with the small, but it’s tiny places like this, nestled into the cracks of the internet that really move us: because it shows that yes, even the smallest voice or the tiniest effort DOES make a difference.

So for anyone at all out there who thinks “I’d love to do something, but what can I do? I’m not rich, I don’t have any influence, I’m just one person…”, check out Space Paws, and in particular, the story of Murph, the 14 year old cat who had to find a new home because his beloved human was dying and her nurse was deathly allergic to poor Murph.

Space Paws showed that the new world we live in is ready for all of us to do our bit. We live in a time where technology is closing the spaces between the influential and the rest of us and that power is shifting. We no longer have to be powerful, rich, famous or infamous to be heard, to make a difference. All we need is information, heart and a way to express ourselves to the rest of the world, and we all have that power. We have social networking there for us; tweeting, blogs, facebook, even texting – and whatever is going to come next.

So, kudos to Space Paws for doing something amazing – helping one little kitty at a time and showing us that humans can actually do some good. This is behind the whole concept of Royal Treatment and Royal Pet Club: not just providing great and pet-friendly products, but helping all animals live wonderful lives – the lives they deserve.

Space Paws, we’re following you, and we hope the rest of you do, too.

Remember, it’s the little things that change the world.

Bond’s Blog – My Show Redux, Week 2

June 15, 2010

Hello everyone, just a quick word –  have so much to do tonight! Walks, dinner, business meetings for all things Animal Welfare.

So here it is, episode two of my fabulous show!

Grab an ice-cold dogitini  and  enjoy!

Deskunking Your Dog

April 27, 2010

Oh, Pepe le Pew! Here’s a great article on deskunking your dog. Dogs will be dogs and investigate all kinds of critters and things they most probably shouldn’t. If your dog gets skunked, now you’ll know what to do.

Of course, after he’s been deskunked, your dog will most likely be ready for some Royal Treatment to get him smelling really good!

Click here for Pawluxury’s article.

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Getting Your Cat Fit

April 17, 2010

by Marvin the Cat

Hello, Marvin the cat again. You might think a cat looks good rounded, and we do. We’re sleek, glamorous creatures who pride ourselves on looking good every day.

But rounded doesn’t mean fat! It means a cat with a good build (like we were always intended to be).

You humans who work for us need to help us out.


One of the most important ways is food. We love to eat well. So, if you reduce portions, don’t overfeed, and make sure our food is of the highest quality. That means food with no meal or by-products in it, and no starchy fillers. Cats are strict carnivores which means we eat meat, meat and more meat. Fillers only make us fat.

And with food, wet food is preferrable to dry. It’s better quality, contains moisture, and less of that nastyfiller stuff. Talk to your vet or your local holistic pet store on advice on the best brands for your cat.

I am very fond of Halo, Weruva, Avoderm and Newman’s Own Oragnic cat food. In fact, I used to be a very fussy cat (it’s my right), but since my human switched me to a high end, quality, meal and by-product free wet food diet, I like everything. Especially raw meat (when I can get it!).


We all love snacks. I’m not going to tell you to stop giving your kitty snacks (I love snacks!), but make sure they are low in calories. My very favourites are those freeze-dried morsels of meat and fish. Yum! And they’re good for me. Which means they’ll be good for your cat, too.


If you’re of those silly humans who think cats just laze about and sleep all day long then you’re going to have to brush up on Cat 101. We sleep to conserve energy for training sessions. And we do prefer those training sessions to be with you.

Cats are highly skilled hunters and we love to hone those skills. The best part is by sharpening our skills and reflexes we’re exercising.

It’s easy to just not get around to it. We get bored, too. Especially if you’re at work all day. Sure, we’ll find a ball or a toy mouse, or fishing toy to play with while you’re out, but we love it when you set aside 20 minutes or so a day to play with us.

Laser light, tossing mice around (toy ones, we know how squeemish some of you humans are about real ones), getting us to chase string or feather toys, it’s all good! And we get to spend some together time with you! It’s all around win.

Don’t let your cat get fat. Slim your cat down. She’ll love you for it.

Hello, My Name Is Marvin

November 3, 2009

this is my pensive, reflective move. worthy of a hollywood star kind of cat. aka me.

My name is Marvin. Marvin da Cat.

As you can see, I was always destined for superstardom, and my launch into that glittering universe via the Royal Pet Club is very apropos, don’t you think?

I thought so.

I will be popping up here with my thoughts, wisdom (I have a lot of that), views and observations (those, too) to help you humans along in life. Or to just entertain you. It will depend on my whim at the time.

As you can see I am shiny and very glamorous, not to mention exceptionally handsome.

I will let you in on a little secret: it is all natural.

I have never needed organic shampoos, sprays or natural pet supplies to make me shine and smell good. I leave that kind of shenanigans to the dogs. Toys, on the other hand…bring ’em on.

While I wait for my human (yes, I own one of those to do my bidding) to prepare my nightly feast of delicious chicken, I will say, watch out for my regular blogging here.

Yes, of course cats can blog.

Also, I have been described as the ‘Young Marlon Brando of Cats’ by those in the know. We are talking Marlon circa On The Waterfront.

Until next time.


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