Pawdele, Digging In The Deep (A Dawgtastic Dogcover Of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep)

June 30, 2012

Okay, so for what’s left of your Saturday night, and indeed, your lazy Sunday morning (official start time: 1pm), we have a parody (a dogody?) of Adele’s song, Rolling in the Deep, barked by Pawdele, and also starring a rather gorgeous black cat (all black cats are fantastic and amazing and deserve to be spoiled  (even though this one isn’t as goodlooking or incredible as me, he’s still a black cat)- Marvin the Cat).

Now, here’s the thing. What is going on in this video? Okay, I admit it, I’ve never heard the Adele song (at least, I don’t remember it…well, I should say, if I did, no one told me it was a song by Adele), so I’m a little in the dark. Why all the feathers? What do the tennis balls mean? Why did the dog smash the pics? Why is the house all suddenly packed up, but the dog is sitting there? And again, the black cat…is he in the attic? Is this some weird animal version of Great Expectations? Can a cat be Miss Haversham (spelling???)? There are so, so many questions.

Watch it. Enjoy. And please, comment so I can know. Don’t make me go and watch the original. Because that would be, like, work.



DJ Dawg Shows How It’s DONE!

February 11, 2012

Hey, it’s Saturday night, it’s 30 minutes to midnight, which means those of us who aren’t old and decrepit (that would be me) are dolling ourselves up, listening to some tunes and getting ready to head out for a night on the town (the cool way, which is around midnight). So what better time to show you how it’s really done. The cool you and I would like to own, that is.

DJ Dog here has that total nonchalant-I-couldn’t-care-less attitude down to an absolute science. Someone award that dog a Nobel prize in absolute cool.

If you ARE going out tonight, please spare the occasional thought of me, sitting at home, toiling away over the computer, writing and creating things for your entertainment. I’m also making stock for an incredible soup that will be put together tomorrow. Mr Marvin the cat, who is quite often as cool as DJ Dog lost his cool when it came to demanding ham I was slicing off the shoulder of ham I bought. Mind you, kitty doesn’t beg, he demands. And demands. And demands.

Perhaps someone needs to do a mashup of Black Ham Demanding Cat and Too Cool For School DJ Dog video. You know it would be awesome.


Cute Little Doormouse Snores

January 28, 2012

This is one little doormouse with a really big snore. He kind of reminds me of my cat when he sleeps (except my cat is furrier, bigger – way, way, way, way bigger – blacker, and quite possibly more evil -although evil in a good way – ), what with all those noises.

I can also see, apart from everyone watching this saying ‘awww’ to themselves (or loudly, depending whether you’re alone, with people, or simply don’t care), that that is one damned happy and content little doormouse, one who’s very comfy with the hand upon which he’s sleeping.

That’s another difference between the doormouse and my cat: if my cat was to fit into the hand of a human type person that easily, then that human type person would have to be a giant.

Enjoy the little doormouse!

Why It’s Good To Be A Cat: Feline Tommassino Becomes The World’s Third Richest Animal

December 11, 2011

We all know of Gunter, the world’s richest dog… But will you please all bow deeply and welcome Tommassino into the Richest Animal’s Hall of Fame.

Tommassino, formally a stray cat of the mean streets of Italy, allowed himself to be adopted (ie: he decided to move in with) Maria Assunta.

Maria, whose husband left her very wealthy indeed, had no living family, and when she wafted off to the city of clouds and angels above recently at the age of 94, she left all her money and worldly possessions to Tommassino.

This makes his Purrness the 3rd richest pet in the world.

I know what all the cats are thinking: a dog, a lowly dog is beating us? But felines, seriously, it’s only a mere million or two separating you all. Besides, I’m sure the animal kingdom version of the country club is much more fun and cooler than ours, so you can rest easy (and you know it’s full of human slaves bringing the rich pets milk  and cream in gold bowls, bones carved from elk and chew toys made of the finest silk, the sweetest nip,  the throw and fetch sticks of the rarest trees, and beds that would make an Egyptian royal weep with envy). You’re rich, we’re not. You win.

Tommassino cannot directly get his whiskers and claws on the cold, hard cash under Italian law, so he has a friend/nurse of Maria (and fellow feline lover) Stefania to look after Cat in Louboutin Boots.

Apparently he doesn’t need much, apart from a ‘saucer of milk and some biscuits’. I just hope they know how to feed a cat properly, and that is with meat, meat and more meat, with a side of meat…which is pretty much what a lot of human creatures I know think is THE diet for them. Cats, yes, humans, no.

Anyway, Tommassino is reclining on a cat bed crafted from the finest spun gold, silver and other precious metals, studded with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, and his pillows are hand-spun silk and cashmere…and is doing this from an undisclosed location.

Tommassino, we wish you the best, sorry to hear of your recent loss of your beloved human, but hope you can find it in you to share a portion of your fortune with animals less fortunate than yourself.

(ps: this is NOT a pic of Mr T above. The black feline or the man version.)



ZiwiPeak Cat Food…What Marvin Says…

May 26, 2011

When my human returned from the outside world with a bag of suspiciously good smelling items (she’d been to the NYC pet show), I demanded some of the good stuff within that bag.

ZiwiPeak wet food smelled delicious! I did an anxious dance (we cats are allowed to do that, it helps hurry slow humans up), and meowed louder (in case she forgot to give me the food), and then when the food was put in front of me, boy, did I purr. It was so good I actually licked my bowl clean!

I’m definitely demanding more of that stuff from now on! If you’ll excuse me, there’s a bowl of ZiwiPeak with my name on it and I’m a bit peckish. Bye!

Marvin taking a nap after a good meal of ZiwiPeak

Now Marvin has had his say, it’s my turn. Last weekend I went to the NYC Pet Show, which was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend everyone to go next year!

One of the people I met there was Kimberly Mitchell, co-founder of ZiwiPeak pet food.

As she explained, cats don’t need peas and carrots and spinach and all the other fillers often added to pet food. They certainly don’t need rice or grains or starches. Cats are strict carnivores (this comes from being nature’s cutest, finely honed hunters), and they need a diet rich in meat, with of course, the vitamins and minerals they need.

So ZiwiPeak, originating in New Zealand, delivers just that: the diet a cat needs to be the healthiest, shiniest, most glamorous cat he or she can be (well, okay, not necessarily shiny and glamorous…).

The food is made from premium, all natural ingredients. This means free-range – from New Zealand’s green pastures, and from her clear, clean waters. All ingredients are fit for human consumption, and contain no fillers, no colours or preservatives. Just good, natural, quality food.

It’s as close to raw diet it can be; the canned food is individually retort-cooked in its own can, which preserves the nutritional integrity of the food; the dry food is actually called ‘air dried’, because that’s what it is, air-dried, which again means the nutritional integrity of the food is kept.

Ms Mitchell spoke passionately about giving our pets the best diet possible. This doesn’t mean buying the fanciest, most human-sounding food out there, but food that’s as close to what your cat would be eating in nature. And clearly she’s doing something right – her cat is 25 years old, living proof this is some fantastic food.

I know I’m raving about it, but seriously, the ingredients are incredible, and perfect for cats. I’ve had Marvin on a wet food diet for about 3 or 4 years now, and he is a different cat. He is healthier, younger-acting; his fur is softer, shinier, his eyes brighter. And that’s merely on other top quality holistic, grain-free food.

He absolutely loved the taste of ZiwiPeak. I’ve never seen him lick his bowl clean before! ZiwiPeak is definitely going to become the major part of his diet.

I thoroughly recommend this food to all cat owners out there. We owe our pets the best, healthiest life we can give them, and that starts with diet.

The wet food comes in 3 types: lamb (retails at $2.49 per can), venison (retails at $2.69 per cat), and fish & venison (retails at $2.69 per can). Marvin is a big cat. Tall and long (with a little cat padding for strictly cat-fashion purposes), and weighs about 18 lb. He eats a can a day, half in the morning, half in the evening.

You can check ZiwiPeak out at their website,