Happy 4th Of July, Fellow Royal Pet Clubbers

July 4, 2012

While you’re still most likely celebrating America’s independence from the Brits, full of delicious beer, hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, potato salad, steak (I want steak), wine, vodka and goodness knows how much yummy desserty things, celebrating while watching lovely firework displays, think of me.

At home. On the computer. Slaving away just so you can see some awesome patriotic dogs for the night cap of the evening.

Yes. I’m foregoing all celebrations to scour the Interwebs for the perfect end for your perfect 4th of July.

The video is short and sweet and the dogs are super cute.

Did you dress your pet for the 4th? Why not send us a pic? We’d love to see.

In the mean time, happy 4th of July!!!