MAAAANGOOOO! It’s Summertime (apparently) & Mango The Scottish Fold Is What We All Need!

July 22, 2012

It’s too early (for me) to be posting on a Sunday morning, but as I have a lot to do today, I may not have time tonight, so I thought I’d give you all some Sunday brunch cuteness.

Meet Mango, the little orange (or mango coloured) Scottish Fold. There’s so much awwing awwesomeness in this clip that you probably won’t need sugar on your cereal.

So, enjoy your Sunday, give your fur babies some extra love (just because), and check out our July special for your pet’s grooming needs. It’s $6 off our Organic Lavender & Cashmere bundle of natural shampoo and conditioner for dogs. This means your dog will not only have the shiniest and softest coat in all the dog park, but smell the best, too.


Cuteness Friday Trifecta – Part 2… Meet Soy Sauce, Ninja Kitten

July 20, 2012

Continuing our Friday-let’s-forget-what-a-bad-place-the-world-can-be cuteness trifecta, here’s a teeny, tiny little Scottish Fold Ninja kitten named Soy Sauce.

I’m not sure why he’s such ninja – because he’s all in black maybe? But who really cares? He’s so adorable he’ll make the most manly of men feel like his masculinity flew away on sparkly wings out the window to go on a shopping spree for a few hours. Seriously, this kitten is so adorable rocks and stones will turn to mush and go ‘awwww.’

And don’t you love how teeny kittens always seem to defy gravity with their leaps and bounds into the air? They jump up with virtually no weight holding them to the planet and then they waft down as if they could stay up in the air for as long as they want to, only they don’t want to.

Hands up who loves Ninja kittens? Everyone, right? Right.

Meet Bella, Baby Jaguar

June 20, 2012

One of the things we all love about Lorenzo – besides bringing the world an organic, high quality pet grooming product line that not only smells good but actually helps your pet’s skin and fur (imagine!) – is his tireless work in bringing awareness and help to the countless animals in trouble everywhere.

So I thought I’d do a few videos over the next few days of Bella. Isabella (or Bella) is a baby Jaguar whose mother couldn’t feed her the milk she needed so she was hand reared in Florida by this wonderful place called Panther Ridge.

Panther Ridge is a refuge, shelter, haven, habitat and home for many big cats that have been rescued from all kinds of situations (there is a cat who was once a ‘birthday party’ cat, which really does send shivers down the spine), and now live out their lives in luxurious homes with lots of space to run and purr and stretch and just feel, well, big cat-like.

Panther Ridge is a wonderful place, and you can adopt a big cat, too! Of course, this is just sponsorship…you can’t take the big cat home – think of the neighbours!

Enjoy, and we’ll be back with lots of fun tomorrow.

Cuteness Alert: Baby Otter Tickled!

June 3, 2012

Let’s be brutally honest. Tomorrow is Monday, and that means the blahs for most of us. Getting up early, facing traffic/public transport crushes/warm cocktails from the night before (hey, you never know), and so on. Basically, Monday morning means the rest of the work week dictating to you what your life will be until Friday eve. Mondays are bullies.

To help ease the whole trauma that Monday brings, we have this ridiculously super cute video of a teeny tiny baby otter being tickled.

Yes, tickled. Baby otter laughs, giggles (well, okay, that’s if otters can laugh and giggle, but this one seems like he can. He may be super otter, we don’t know. Yet.), puts his super cute little hands in his mouth to stop himself from being tickled to death. Because, let’s face it: for those of us out there who are extremely ticklish, being tickled is not fun. People think you like it because you’re all giggly, and all stoppy and all writhy. This never means we like it. For some reason, being tickled makes you giggle, but you can’t breathe. Seriously. You can’t breathe. It’s like being tortured in a Monty Python sketch on a comfy chair. Being tickled when you’re super ticklish is horrible.

However, this little otter seems to enjoy it. It’s also on a loop, with really terrible music. So, to cheer yourself up tomorrow turn the sound down low, and play the video. And try not to tickle any hapless or innocent bloggers you may see around.

Intro To Maru 101

May 9, 2012

While most of us know of the awesome and gorgeous and cute Scottish Fold, Maru (he lives in a sparkling clean home in Japan), I’m not sure most of us have watched all of Maru’s videos.

Well, here’s an awesome Maru compilation, his intro video, which I like to call ‘Intro to Maru 101’, because I’m sad like that.

It’s about 5 minutes long, and is perfect for you to watch in little pieces (if you can!) at work tomorrow.

Oh, Maru, you’re fantastic. And the rest of you, don’t forget it’s Be Kind to Animals week.

(check out the post that was meant to go out yesterday but somehow didn’t go out until tonight. Grrr)

Sorry To Interrupt Your Saturday Evening…But…Baby Panda…

March 31, 2012

A baby panda sneezes!

And yes, I know this is a billion years old in interwebs years, but too bad. If I have never seen this before, then perhaps you haven’t either (oh, okay, you probably have…shhh).

it’s short, it’s cute, it’s sweet. Who could not find a baby panda sweet? And I love how Mama is chomping away on her bamboo, sneeze happens, she is like “What is all of Bamboo’s goodness is my baby doing that?!” but then goes back to her chomping. Chomping on deliciousness is always good.

Oh! If you want to take part in our March special for organic pet grooming products for dogs at our Royal Pet Club store, then you have about an hour to shop in. What are you doing still here? Go get some fabulous things for your pooch – he’ll absolutely love it (and be the envy of every other dog he meets).


The Margarita Making Dog

February 28, 2012

Yes, I know, I should wait until it’s Cinco de Mayo, but this is too cute to wait. Also, I’m sure we’ll all forget about this by then (and by we I mean we).

Arbor, the adorable black doggy with the jaunty and rather risque (just go with it) hot pink kerchief, is from Vegas, which means he’s the ultimate party dog, can mix a pretty mean fake Margarita.

Okay, so he’s totally into trying to eat the ice, but he knows he probably shouldn’t (but does anyway, which wins him points), and he also laps at the fake tequila (I don’t even know what that is), which is okay by me. Now, I want to know how you train a cat to do this with real booze, as cats hate booze. However, the cat simply gave me a disdainful look and went back to his nap.

Anyway, enjoy Arbor showing off his bartending skills – he’s awesome!