Kodi The Kitten: How To Walk Your Human

June 27, 2012

After last night’s sad news about the passing of Lonesome George and his entire species, we need a little pick-me-up.

Please give a round of applause to Kodi the Kitten, who shows the world who’s who in the dominance totem pole (old news to all cats – cats 1 billion points, humans minus 56).

When a silly human thinks he’s trying to walk Kodi, Kodi shows what’s what and after a bout of very scary growling (this is known to scare any human into submission – cat law #25937, sub section F), he really shows his skills of training a human in only a few minutes.

Kodi, we love you. Humans, why do you not yet all bow down to your cat overlords? (Marvin the cat made me write that bit)



Dancing Chihuahua!

June 22, 2012

It’s Friday night, and that means it’s time to celebrate the weekend ahead of us (and who cares if it’s been raining? It’s the weekend, darn it, we’re celebrating no matter what!), and what better way to celebrate the weekend than with this very cool dancing chihuahua.

Admittedly, I’m a bit jealous, because I don’t dance. This is because I can’t. Being uncoordinated is a burden, and one I choose to suffer in silence (except for me sharing with you now. But it’s still in silence, because you’re reading these words, not listening). I’m also jealous because this dog has some serious moves. I’m betting most of you are jealous.

The thing is, we can’t hate because puppy is just too adorable.


Tonto The Headbanging Cockatoo!

June 19, 2012

As you may have already guessed, we here at Royal Pet Club not only believe in bringing you the very best in high quality, all natural, organic pet grooming products for dogs, but we clearly believe in bringing you all the hard hitting news from the world of animals.

Today, we have Tonto the Cockatoo. Tonto is a music aficionado, and loves to dance to ACDC. Here he is, head banging away to the beat, with his very own wild hair do. I can’t decide if this ‘do is meant to be a mullet, a mohawk or Nick Cave’s hair circa his The Birthday Party days (around 1981).

If you’re in the office, you may want to turn the volume down so it doesn’t scare your boss (if you’re the boss, then play it loud to show all your employees what a badass you are), but you want to still be able to hear it.

Rock out the rest of the morning with Tonto!

Dad Beaver Is A Hero!

June 17, 2012

When this Daddy beaver’s mate died of an infection a little over a year ago, wildlife beaver experts in Martinez, California, were worried for the safety of his 3 children.

All beaver life lessons in survival and being a self-reliant adult beaver are taught by the mother. Mom Beaver was very nurturing and she and Dad had raised 12 kits (that’s kids in beaver talk) before the current 3 – one was 2 years old and the other 2 around 7 weeks.

As beavers are strictly monogamous creatures, this little loving family was torn apart with her death, and Dad disappeared 3 days, leaving the babies alone. When he returned, he was thinner (he was grieving), but he was back to nurture and teach his kits all they needed to know to go out in the world.

He’s been bringing them food, keeping them warm and safe, teaching them to swim with piggy back rides and also how to forage for food and build dams.

And, it seems that after a year in mourning, Dad beaver may have found someone new – as he’s been seen taking fennel back to the family home, and fennel is used with lactating with beavers.

Happy father’s day, and let’s hope more humans, male and female, can take a page out of this heroic beaver’s book.

Call Me Maybe – Sung (Barked?) By Corgi Rae Jepson

June 14, 2012

When I came across this cute video today, I was astounded to find out that apparently everyone and their dog (the last one quite literally, as you’ll see here) has done a parody of this song, ‘Call Me Maybe’.

Sadly, I had not ever heard this song before. I have no idea if it’s because I’m just tragically unhip, at an advanced age that misses everything in music these days, or just spend too much time in the World Of Pets. I’d investigate, but I’m frightened the answer will be anything from the first or second suggestions.

Thanks to the brilliance of the Intertubewebs, I am now not only up to date on the original song (I like it and the silly video clip, which this follows quite closely, actually), and a number of other parodies (all seen whilst trying to locate that darned original) that range from the weird to the funny to the silly lame.

If you’ve never heard the song before, I recommend googling it, or swathing through the quagmire that is youtube, to watch it yourself. While you’re at it, watch some of the other ones, too.

But I think the best and cutest is this version, starring Carly Rae Jepson’s Corgi alter ego. I love the piano playing cat. I was going to comment on why the cat is there, but by the end, you’ll see. And if you haven’t seen the original, then watch it, and the Corgi Rae version will be that much funnier.

Also, I’m pretty sure Corgi R J was bathing in a tub of wonderful Royal Treatment shampoo. That’s why she (? he?) looks so shiny and adorable by the end.


Do Not Disturb Kitteh

June 13, 2012

In this short and sweet little video, we get to see just how private cats are.

If you’re a cat person, you’ll know how much privacy a cat wants when he’s taking care of business. When my cat had to wear a cone on his head, he managed to get himself into the litter box (don’t ask me how) but he couldn’t get out due to the cone. So I had to remove the cover for the duration of his being all conefied. Well, after that, when he went to his litter box, he’d look embarrassed and long suffering (I mean on top of the whole embarrassed and long suffering looks I got because of the cone), and then with quiet dignity, turn his back to the world and face the world and go about his business.

Bottom line. Cats have dignity. They’re private. If they had opposable thumbs, they’d have their own marble bathrooms with a bidet for after the box. And that marble bathroom would have a door. That closed. And probably locked (opposable thumbs, is all I’m saying).

This kitteh is telling the human what’s for about trying to go to the bathroom leaving the door open while a CAT is in the room.

Cats are cool.

Introducing…The Dog Treat Kitchen

June 12, 2012

We love our pets, but after a couple of generations of convenience foods and quick fixes, many of us want to show our pets just how much we really care…by getting back to basics.

Basics is seeking small, green companies; small pet food makers that make food to actually help our pet’s health by giving them what they need, instead of shoving that food so full of things that appeal to us it actually doesn’t really do much for our pet’s health; small businesses that have our pet’s best health in mind, and gives us quality, high end products that not only smell amazingly good, but make our pet feel good, too (yes, Royal Treatment, I’m talking about you here); and the old DIY.

DIY with pet treats is a great idea. The Internet has really helped spread the word that sustainable is good, local is good and homemade even better.

Sure, sometimes you’re so busy you don’t have time to bake special, healthy, yummy treats for your pet, but that’s where the little specialist places come in.

But if you do have time, we’ve found a fantastic site to help you with everything from getting the right equipment, recipes, and even starting your own dog treat business!

It’s called Dog Treat Kitchen, and it’s one of our new favourite sites for the homemade dog recipes. Check it out now.