Dog & Cat Take Bath Together…But Where’s The Royal Treatment??

July 31, 2012

Oh, where will it all end? Cats and dogs taking baths together!

I thought as our last post for a while, this one was apropos – it’s cute and it sums up one of Prince Lorenzo Borghese’s passions (no, not making cats and dogs hang out together, although I’m sure he’s all for the creatures of our urban animal kingdom to hang out together and be loved and have warm, wonderful forever homes), but making sure our pets are all looked after to the best of our ability.

And one of the best ways we can do that is by grooming them with the fantastic Royal Treatment line. The high end organic shampoos and conditioners and grooming products for dogs are all made with a pet’s skin in mind. pH balanced and infused with essential oils that make the skin soft and supple and fur shiny and silky.

Best of all, for those certain cats who also need bathtimes and brushing, life gets easier and your flesh less bleedy (that could just be me and Marvin, though. Not the bathing – he doesn’t need it, but the bleedy – he can get a bit scratchy, but only with me…ain’t it grand being a cat parent?) with Royal Treatment pet wipes and dry shampoo. No water, no tears and less tangles.

Royal Treatment: it helps make life beautiful and smell good, too.

Hopefully we’ll be back (please let us know if you’d like that). If we move to a different channel, I’ll be sure to let you know, too.

In the meantime, do your pet a favour and get him some Royal Treatment, you’ll all be glad you did!


Adorable Puppy Playing

July 30, 2012

Here’s a Monday morning summer special – an adorable puppy playing. If that doesn’t help your heart feel as warm as this heatwave that keeps on giving, then I don’t know what will.

This is sadly our last blog entry for a while, but hopefully we’ll be back at some point, bringing you news, fun, and cute animals – not to mention all the great things Lorenzo does for all the animals out there who are unable to help themselves. But don’t worry, while the blog is going into hybernation (or at least this part of it), Royal Treatment will be still sharing their amazing products with you and your fur babies.


Sasha The Dog Says: But I Don’t Know Where IT Is!!!

June 27, 2012

Hello boys and girls! Today’s bedtime video (or for some of you, tomorrow’s breakfast video/morning secret work break/ mid-morning secret work break/just before, during or after lunch secret work break/ early afternoon secret work break/afternoon secret work break/late afternoon secret work break…) is brought to you by an adorable dog named Sasha with a very interesting tail-do.

Apparently, Sasha doesn’t know where IT is. And she tells them so. A number of times. Seriously, it sounds like Sasha the dog is actually saying ‘but I don’t know where it is!’.

Indeed, Sasha, but don’t worry, because most of us don’t know where (or even what) it is.


Kodi The Kitten: How To Walk Your Human

June 27, 2012

After last night’s sad news about the passing of Lonesome George and his entire species, we need a little pick-me-up.

Please give a round of applause to Kodi the Kitten, who shows the world who’s who in the dominance totem pole (old news to all cats – cats 1 billion points, humans minus 56).

When a silly human thinks he’s trying to walk Kodi, Kodi shows what’s what and after a bout of very scary growling (this is known to scare any human into submission – cat law #25937, sub section F), he really shows his skills of training a human in only a few minutes.

Kodi, we love you. Humans, why do you not yet all bow down to your cat overlords? (Marvin the cat made me write that bit)


Introducing The Kitten Marshmallow – Will Melt Your Heart

April 5, 2012

There are tons of videos of Marshmallow from her very early days on. I decided to start on week 4 – but please feel free to work backwards, if you want, and I know you’re going to want.

Her humans have been chronicling this teeny kitty’s life for us and it’s magical and real and all that kind of thing that people say when teeny tiny babies are shown to them doing their thing because it’s true.

Sweetfurx, the people behind the whole Marshmallow kitten thing give you a really interesting and detailed account of Marshmallow’s progress, and explanations for their decisions, and the way they film and it’s fascinating.

So, what are you doing hanging around here? Go watch the video and watch the rest of the Chronicles of Marshmallow…

Meet Boo, A Very Cute Dog…

April 3, 2012

Meet Boo. He’s a very cute dog. Boo is wearing a little T-shirt that Boo doesn’t want to wear. I’m even going to hazard Boo is mightily unimpressed with his human forcing him to wear a T-sihrt. Boo does not want to sit. Boo does not want to ‘come here’. Okay. Boo will come and get a treat.

You know Boo is standing there, thinking, “I don’t make my human wear silly things, why is she doing this? Does she want to embarrass me in front of my friends at the dog park? Humans. Sometimes they’re dumb. And annoying. Ooh, a treat.”

Boo is channeling some serious cat vibe in this video.

He has more videos on youtube, so check them out!

Cute Little Dog Falls Asleep

March 17, 2012

I’ve been MIA the past few days, but am back! Did you miss me?

Quite frankly, the travelling and work while I’ve been gone makes me understand exactly how that little dog feels. Me sleepy. Sooo sleepy…

Anywhoo, I hope you all tuned in to see Lorenzo on HSN the other days, and you took advantage of all the awesome offers he had. If you didn’t, never fear, there’s still time to take advantage of our fabulous March special at Royal Pet Club itself.

What are you waiting for? Get something great for your dog, because every dog wants to look and feel and smell his or her very best.