Pawdele, Digging In The Deep (A Dawgtastic Dogcover Of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep)

Okay, so for what’s left of your Saturday night, and indeed, your lazy Sunday morning (official start time: 1pm), we have a parody (a dogody?) of Adele’s song, Rolling in the Deep, barked by Pawdele, and also starring a rather gorgeous black cat (all black cats are fantastic and amazing and deserve to be spoiled  (even though this one isn’t as goodlooking or incredible as me, he’s still a black cat)- Marvin the Cat).

Now, here’s the thing. What is going on in this video? Okay, I admit it, I’ve never heard the Adele song (at least, I don’t remember it…well, I should say, if I did, no one told me it was a song by Adele), so I’m a little in the dark. Why all the feathers? What do the tennis balls mean? Why did the dog smash the pics? Why is the house all suddenly packed up, but the dog is sitting there? And again, the black cat…is he in the attic? Is this some weird animal version of Great Expectations? Can a cat be Miss Haversham (spelling???)? There are so, so many questions.

Watch it. Enjoy. And please, comment so I can know. Don’t make me go and watch the original. Because that would be, like, work.



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