Introducing…The Dog Treat Kitchen

We love our pets, but after a couple of generations of convenience foods and quick fixes, many of us want to show our pets just how much we really care…by getting back to basics.

Basics is seeking small, green companies; small pet food makers that make food to actually help our pet’s health by giving them what they need, instead of shoving that food so full of things that appeal to us it actually doesn’t really do much for our pet’s health; small businesses that have our pet’s best health in mind, and gives us quality, high end products that not only smell amazingly good, but make our pet feel good, too (yes, Royal Treatment, I’m talking about you here); and the old DIY.

DIY with pet treats is a great idea. The Internet has really helped spread the word that sustainable is good, local is good and homemade even better.

Sure, sometimes you’re so busy you don’t have time to bake special, healthy, yummy treats for your pet, but that’s where the little specialist places come in.

But if you do have time, we’ve found a fantastic site to help you with everything from getting the right equipment, recipes, and even starting your own dog treat business!

It’s called Dog Treat Kitchen, and it’s one of our new favourite sites for the homemade dog recipes. Check it out now.


One Response to Introducing…The Dog Treat Kitchen

  1. Betsy Smith says:

    check out dogOdog Organics 100% Organic Snack-Treat-Enjoy Biscuits @ Made by Hand using USA sourced 100% US Certified Organic ingredients that are dog-healthy and earth-friendly! All dogOdog packaging materials are recyclable, reusable and compostable made from USA products and suppliers. Feel Good About the Well-Being of Your Dog and Planet! Treat Well and Have Fun! peace, love and dogOdog

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