Meet the Breeds Event NYC, Oct 17 & 18

pure-breds in a pram

Hello fellow pet aficionados, if you happen to be lurking in New York City or somewhere vaguely near the vicinity the weekend of the 17th and 18th of October, then don’t laze about. Head on out for some pet-related fun.

The American Kennel Club (who’s celebrating 125 years of doggy fun this year), together with the Cat Fanciers Association, is putting on ‘Meet The Breeds’, something they’ve dubbed the event of the century. And it sounds like it.

Meet The Breeds is being held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City and will be showcasing nearly two hundred breeds of dogs and cats. So it’s going to be a fabulous chance to meet all kinds of interesting and gorgeous breeds you normally wouldn’t get to meet.

But there’s so much more! Vendors will be selling all kinds of luxury dog pet supplies, luxury pet grooming supplies, not to mention fantastic things for cats. There’ll be demonstrations of all kinds of pet skills, including cat idol.

For more information, including the events related to the show (that are happening in New York earlier in the week), go to, and buy a ticket.

If you can’t go, we’ll report in on the thrills and spills the following week.

visit Royal Pet Club

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